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Giving consideration to sustainability,
we aim to contribute to the improvement of social value

Reduction of

  • Introducing a solar power system

    Majority of our power usage in business activities occurs at our factories, where production equipment is running 24 hours a day. To promote energy saving at our factories and reduce CO2 emissions, we have introduced a solar power system, a renewable energy system, to cover part of our power consumption.

  • Adopting LED lights

    We promote the adoption of LED lights with less power consumption in place of fluorescent tube lights at our factories, headquarters, and sales offices. We work to save energy by introducing human detection sensors and turning off lights not in use to reduce the amount of time the lights operate.

  • Introducing high-efficiency equipment

    At our factories, clean rooms are in operation to maintain a sterile and dust-free environment, where the latest high-efficiency turbo freezers are used. Moreover, these refrigerators are equipped with a device that automatically controls their operation according to room temperature, humidity, and other conditions in order to realize equipment operation with minimal energy consumption.

  • Converting business vehicles
    to hybrid vehicles

    We promote the conversion of business vehicles to hybrid and other fuel-efficient vehicles to contribute to the reduction of CO2 emissions and the prevention of global warming.

  • Reducing the usage
    of packaging materials

    When shipping our products to medical workplaces, we package them in trays without the use of individual packets and, in some cases, connect the necessary equipment in advance. This makes it easier for customers to manage the quantity of products and equipment and carry them around and leads to a reduction of packaging waste.

of Work Style

  • Implementing healthy management

    As we are a company contributing to medical care, we believe it is important that individual employees raise their health awareness. Based on this belief, we are involved in health management from the perspective of enhancing work-life balance, health maintenance and improvement, and a comfortable working environment.

  • Promoting women’s empowerment

    In order to create a comfortable working environment for employees, we have established various programs with higher standards than those prescribed by the Equal Employment Opportunity Act for Men and Women, the Child and Family Care Leave Act, and other relevant acts. Placing special emphasis on promoting women’s empowerment, we are involved in developing and improving the employment environment, including appointing female managers.

Cooperation with
Local Communities

  • Cooperating with
    educational institutions

    We dispatch employees to elementary and junior high schools and universities as special lecturers to introduce our expertise and business activities from the perspective of company employees. Thus, we work to increase students’ interest in medical care as a medical equipment manufacturer.

  • Participating in local events

    expand employment and improve the medical environment, we actively participate in local events and offer medical products, such as AEDs and masks. By using these opportunities to promote technological exchanges between companies and research on medical care, we contribute to regional revitalization.
    ・Miyoshi Chamber of Commerce Festival
    ・Izumo Industry Future Expo

  • Cooperating with business partners

    To provide safe and secure products and services, we regularly hold meetings with our agents and suppliers. With a focus on information sharing, we are involved in building stronger relationships of trust and long-term cooperative relationships with them.