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JMS’ Future

We pursue technological innovation and improvement of the medical environment
as healthcare is one of the most important matters in the society in order to make
our lives better and realize sustainable development of our social life.


For our Precious Life

Goals to contribute healthcare field through
our business activity

We will contribute to not only the growth of medical care, which forms the core of our business, but also the healthy development of society as a whole through our corporate activities, including improving the production system and the working environment.

Goals to contribute healthcare field through our business activity

Maintenance and improvement of safety

Life saving medical field is equipped with various medical devices. Accordingly, it is necessary to always maintain a safe environment so that accidents will not occur unexpectedly. We will realize a safer and more secure medical environment by developing and manufacturing easier-to-use medical devices with a low risk of being misused by medical professionals, patients, their family members, and other users, thereby creating value unique to us.

Example of our activity

Enhancement of quality of life (QOL)

With the rapidly aging society and the development of home medical care, there is growing interest to realize a social life where everyone can enjoy a good balance between medical treatment and routine life pleasantly. We will work for enhancing people’s quality of life by developing and improving medical equipment that is easy for home-care patients and uses for preventive medical care.

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Next generation medical care

Under circumstances where rapidly-advancing medical technology is raising the expectations of people in Japan and across the world, we work to provide a stable supply of high-quality products that contribute to the safety and efficiency of medical care. We will respond to medical needs and market changes in each country and region and support the evolution of medical technology.

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Goals through our overall
corporate activities

Reduction of environmental

We actively work to save energy, reduce resource consumption, contribute to mitigating environmental impacts in our business activities, and help realize a sustainable society. For instance, we have introduced a solar power system to cover part of the power consumption at our plants. We have also used hybrid vehicles as commercial vehicles and have packaged our products in trays without the use of individual packets.

Example of our activity

Creation of job

As we plan to become a company that provides employees to involve child care or family care actively regardless of gender, we have established various programs with standards higher than those prescribed by laws to create a pleasant workplace. We also actively work to maintain and improve the health of employees.

Example of our activity

Contribution to local communities

We actively promote industry-academia-government cooperation and participate in local events to contribute to the development of medical care, the revitalization of local economies, and the expansion of employment.

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