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Corporate Governance

Director’s Remuneration(FYE Mar.2022)

Total amount of directors’remunerations by the group companies’director category, total amount of remunerations by type, and the number of applicable directors.


Position Total Amount
(Million yen)
Total amount of remunerations by type(Million yen) Number of Persons
Basic Remuneration Stock compensation
(Excluding Outside Directors)
111 98 13 5
(Excluding Outside Auditors)
13 13 - 1
Outside Directors 14 14 - 4

Total amount of consolidated remunerations for each of the group companies’directors.
This information is not provided as there is no director who receives 100 million yen or more in total consolidated remunerations.

Policy on determining the amount of directors’remunerations.

In order to maintain fairness, transparency and objectivity in the process for determining directors’remunerations, we have set up the Performance Assessment Committee to evaluate and review the remunerations of directors based on their performance in the applicable term, for approval by the Board of Directors. Company auditors’remunerations are determined individually by the Board of Company Auditors according to their working status, and reported to the Board of Directors.

The meeting of the Board of Directors convened on April 23, 2009, resolved to abolish the retirement bonus system for directors, which had a seniority-based element and nature of post-paying directors’remunerations. We have since shifted to a remuneration system closely linked to the company’s business performance and individual directors’work performance.