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Our Mission


For a safer
and healthier world
for tomorrow.

We manufacture and distribute products needed in the medical care field every day.
The driving force behind this is our commitment to develop safer and easier-to-use
equipment for healthcare professionals, and to contribute to treatment settings
with less burden on patients, since we have visited the frontlines of medical care
and observed actual problems and issues occurring in hospitals and patients.
Our belief: Life will be much better with our products.
Explore the following to learn more about our efforts to come up solutions in medical
care and what we aim for in the future.

  • ミッション1
    Support people to enjoy the lifelong satisfaction of eating meals by the mouth, regardless of their physical condition or age.

    Support “Eating by the Mouth”

  • ミッション2
    A new medical standard is coming.
    The key is the capabilities of cells.

    Providing Solutions to Support Regenerative Medicine

  • ミッション3
    Japan’s medical care is attracting the attention of economic emerging countries where quality of life is improving.

    Providing Health Solutions from Japan

  • ミッション4
    Infection must not occur at the place of medical care.

    Provide increased safety in administration

  • ミッション5
    Establish a medical care system to meet treatment needs and enhance Quality of Life.

    Make home medical care a common option

Our Future

For safer and securer medical care and more
fulfilling lifestyles of everyone concerned.

JMS Future Vision