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Make home
medical care
a common option

In recent years, many people are choosing home medical care as a third option following to inpatient medical care and outpatient medical care. Home medical care satisfies patients’ needs that they like to stay at home where they can feel relaxed and comfortable, as well as the families’ needs that they always like to be with the patients. At JMS, we are working to develop and improve handy products for daily lives to reduce the burdens on patients as much as possible since they would have to live with their illness for certain period of time.


Minimize patients’ burdens to operate equipment
in home medical care for more freedom.

  • Home medical care, an option to ease the burdens caused by treatment

    Hospitalization and outpatient care may cause burdens in terms of financial situation and time constraint to the patients who are forced to live with tier illness for a long time. To ease such burdens, many hospitals recommend home medical care. The shortage of healthcare professionals and the increase of medical cost are also other factors, thus the government is supporting to grow the home medical care.

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    Safety and Usability

    Medical devices are used at homes of patients under home medical care. Therefore, the devices must be easily operated by the patients and their family members. Also, elderly patients may not be able to set up devices properly due to their handling weakness and they may have difficulties to visually identify proper colors or switches as their eye visions are fading. The devices are required to equip safety design (fail-safe function) in case patients mistakenly operate the devices.

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    Friendly appearance
for home environment

    Conventional medical devices tend to have a cold, forbidding appearance due to their function-oriented design. Their appearance could make some patients nervous. By paying attention to ease of use and appearance, including shades and sizes of equipment buttons and tubing connectivity, we will be able to provide medical equipment designed to fit the home setting where home medical care takes place.

JMS Idea

Visit the setting where treatment is provided, to interview the patients. Reflect the patients’ practical requirements into the design of the devices.

Provide safe and easy medical devices for users: This is the basic policy of JMS regardless it is used by healthcare professionals or patients. We are working to develop products while reflecting in our designs the issues and requests identified in our patients’ responses, such as using bright colors and large buttons to enhance usability for higher safety while avoiding errors in operation, and employing a curved, soft design to reduce coldness in appearance.


  • Automatic Peritoneal Dialysis Machines

    This machine, featuring a cheerful and neat design, enables peritoneal dialysis to be performed while the patient is asleep, thereby improving the daytime quality of life for patients undergoing peritoneal dialysis. Braille is provided on the start/stop switch so that people with weak eye vision can use the machine safely.

  • Peritoneal Dialysis Connection System

    This system connects the abdominal tubing and the dialysate route in the treatment of peritoneal dialysis. It prevents the ingress of external air and bacteria and prevents the dialysate from spilling. You can instantly check the security of the connection with this design that provides both the sound and the felt sensation of clicking into place.