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Medium-to Long-term Vision

JMS is committed to ensuring people’s healthier lives
by further contributing to global health.

Long-term Vision toward 2030

By creating new value that anticipates the future of medical care,
we will become a company that supports further improvement in the health
and quality of life of people around the world.

2020-2023 Basic Policies toward
Realization of the Long-term Vision

  • Deepening
    customer-centric business

    Realize new growth by deepening “customer-centric business development” that is closely linked to the medical field, identifying latent needs that customers are not even aware of, and working together to solve problems.

  • Change to
    improve profitability

    Review and strengthen the roles of human resources, organizations, systems and frameworks that support the Group’s management from all perspectives, and promote reforms resulting in a corporate structure that can generate stable and sustainable profits.

Five Initiatives

We strive to promote business activities based on our basic policies under the following five initiatives.

  • 01

    Building a corporate structure that can ensure higher earning rates by streamlining and strengthening the synergy between businesses

    Optimization of
    the business

    Hospital Products BU

    Expansion of the infusion and nutrition areas, acceleration of growth in the cancer area, and development of markets in the dysphagia area

    Surgical & Therapeutical BU

    Ongoing reform of the profit structure, strengthening core products, and business development by revitalizing existing resources

    Blood Management & Cell Therapy BU

    Expand the market share of Blood Bags with leukocyte reduction filter for JRC and establish a foundation for the cell and regeneration business

    Merged into Surgical & Therapeutical BU in April 2023.

    Each BU and Company-wide

    Develop and expand OEM/ODM business leveraging Group assets, reallocate resources to areas with growth potential and profitability, and review unprofitable items

    BU: Business Unit

  • 02

    Increasing JMS’s global market share,thereby making JMS a global brand

    the global

    Development of core businesses in
     the growing Chinese market, following
     the CDDS business

    * CDDS: Central Dialysis fluid Delivery System

    Strengthen the competitiveness of JMSH(P) as a core production base for the Group, and expand business results in global markets by capitalizing on such a competitive edge

    Expansion of product lines in the Thai market and sales expansion to neighboring ASEAN countries
  • 03

    Investing aggressively in technologies and products that can bring innovation to global health

    Creation of next

    Application to anti-adhesive materials  (orthopedic surgery) and gastrointestinal  stents by promoting application development  of biodegradable materials

    Continuous search for new products  (promotion of open innovation, utilization  of investment funds, M&A)

    Realization of new value using advanced  technologies such as IoT and AI
  • 04

    Establishing new employment and human resource development systems that enable business growth

    Strengthening the Group’s management base

    Promote optimal production by  reorganizing the Group’s production system

    Promptly obtain regulatory approvals  in the global market and establish  a legal compliance framework

    Review the personnel system in light of  changes in the employment environment  and establish a system for securing and  developing global human resources
  • 05

    Becoming a CSR-conscious company which is friendly to employees, the environment, and stakeholders

    Achieving a sustainable society

    Continuation of product supply and   development of products that contribute   to infection control in the event of an   outbreak of a new infectious disease

    Enhancement of corporate health  management initiatives and promotion  of work-life balance

    Promotion of business activity processes  that prevent environmental pollution and  reduce waste


For more details, see the JMS Group Mid-term Management Plan.