President’s Message


JMS strives to enhance product development, production and sales as well as to improve the quality of corporate management and the corporate value, in order ' To be a bridge for the people who give and seek medical care, and to bring a smile to people by contributing to a healthy and better life' under our Founding Spirit of 'For People’s Precious Life'. JMS has set up Business Unit (BU) type organization, and set three Business Units, 'Hospital Products BU' mainly handles infusion and enteral nutrition, 'Surgical & Therapy BU' mainly handles Dialysis and Cardiovascular, and 'Blood Management & Cell Therapy BU' mainly handles Blood Transfusion.

JMS recorded consolidated net sales for the second quarter of 27,900 million yen, down by 2.8% / 818 million yen (year-over-year). Despite the influence of decreased sales and the increase in R&D expense, the operating profit totaled 1,046 million yen in this period, up by 28.0% (year-over-year), due to the influence of the decreased selling cost. The addition of share of profit of entities accounted for using equity method and foreign exchange losses resulted in an ordinary profit of 1,127million yen, up by 17.9% (year-over-year).

As a result of adding and subtracting subsidy income of extraordinary income and income taxes, the profit attributable to owners of parent of 1,060 million yen, up by 66.3% (year-over-year).

December 2020

JMS Co., Ltd. Hiroaki Okukubo, President and Representative Director