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Investor Relations

Frequently Asked Questions



  • Q.When was JMS established?

    A.Our company was established in June 1965.

  • Q.What is the background of establishment?

    A.Regarding the background of the establishment, please refer to “History” page.

  • Q.How many employees are working?

    A.Please refer to “Company” page which shows the latest number of employees.

  • Q.Can you tell us where JMS’s business is heading?

    A.We have set our business direction with two keywords, “Medical Safety” and “Medical Efficiency” for putting the corporate philosophy of “Patient Comes First” into practice.

Financial Information


  • Q.When is the fiscal year-end?

    A.Our fiscal year ends on March 31 of each year, but we release financial results quarterly. See the “IR Calendar” page for annual schedules.

  • Q.Where can we get the latest financial information?

    A.Please refer to “IR library” page which shows Financial Results.

  • Q.Where can we get the previous financial information?

    A.Please refer to “Financial Information” page as well as “IR Library” , for previous financial information.

Stock Information


  • Q.What is the securities code for JMS?

    A.The securities code is 7702.

  • Q.Can you tell us about the number of stocks issued?

    A.Regarding the details of stocks including the number of stocks issued, please refer to “Stock Information” page.

  • Q.I want to know the current stock price of JMS.

    A.Please refer to “Yahoo! Finance (Japanese only)”

  • Q.Does JMS have a shareholder special benefit plan?

    A.No, we don’t have any plans at present.

  • Q.What is a unit amount of stocks?

    A.The unit amount of stock is 100.