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Four Business Fields

We address challenges identified in the four fields of medical care
and technologies through the high level of safety and usability of our products.

JMS provides products in four fields to offer safe and
easy- to-use medical devices for patients and healthcare professionals.
We are currently promoting the development, manufacture and improvement of
products to address various issues identified in eachfield and site.

img Infusion and nutrition field

Contribute to reducing burdens on healthcare professionals by supporting their safety and efficiency

We provide products for use in treatment and laboratory testing. Thus, it is crucial to prevent medical incidents such as needle-piercing, and to ensure infection control to prevent bacterial growth in infusion solutions in therapies involving the administration of pharmaceuticals via drip infusion conducted daily in medical care settings. In nutrition therapy, it is necessary to ensure that no improper connection or injection could occur. In order to provide solutions to these challenges and achieve safer and more secure medical care settings for both patients and healthcare professionals, we ensure stable supply of products utilizing our unique technologies.

  • Needleless access port

    This infusion kit equipped with a “Needleless Access Port” can be connected with a syringe. No injection needle is required, thus supporting a safer and securer medical care

  • Closed Drug Mixing/Infusion System

    This system protects healthcare professionals from various risks in medical care settings, including needle-piercing and leakage of drug solutions during the preparation and administration of chemicals, thereby supporting safe and efficient medical care practice.

  • Infusion Pump

    This system enables the administration of chemicals at a fixed dose and rate. Our continued efforts to improve legibility and ease of maintenance have enhanced operability and safety in actual settings.

  • Oral and Enteral Nutrition System

    This system is used when tube feeding (a therapy to feed nutrition directly into the body via tubing) is used in people who cannot take in nutrition from the mouth. This system is also available in home medical care

img Dialysis field

Fully support safe and secure dialysis therapy in hospital or at home

We fully support more than 300,000 patients receiving dialysis in Japan, making use of its wide product lineup, including dialysis equipment for Hemodialysis, dialysis solution for peritoneal dialysis, and APD equipment that automatically performs the injection and discharge of peritoneal dialysis solution. Above all, dialysis consoles that automate most of the Hemodialysis operations markedly reduce the burdens on healthcare professionals working on-site.The Hemodialysis Machines are highly appreciated because it reduces the time required to operate dialysis equipment and subsequently, it provides more time for health care professionals to take care of patients.

(Source: The Japanese Society for Dialysis Therapy: “Current status of chronic dialysis therapy in Japan”)

  • Hemodialysis Machines

    This equipment passes the patient’s blood from the body into an external dialyzer (hemo dialyzer), which filters the blood and then passes the blood back into the body.It features enhanced operability and safety to avoid malpractice even in a busy clinical setting.

  • Peritoneal dialysis solution

    The solution used in peritoneal dialysis are provided in plastic bags. Because the dialysis solution are for use inside the body, an extremely high level of safety is assured in each process from production to delivery.

img Surgical Treatment Field

Ensure absolute equipment safety while promoting improvement to reduce burdens on patients

We provide precision products used in cardiac surgery and cardiovascular internal medicine, such as Membrane Oxygenator and Cardiopulmonary blood tubing sets. These products require a high level of reliability because they may directly impact patients’ lives. We not only assure the safety of these instruments but also strive to enhance quality by making products as small as possible to reduce the physical burdens on patients, and improving operability to enable healthcare professionals to perform procedures more smoothly.

  • Membrane oxygenator

    This product, which exchanges blood gas (adding oxygen and removing carbon dioxide) in place of a patient’s lungs during cardiac surgery, requires an extremely high degree of safety.

  • Centrifugal Blood Pump System

    This product pumps out blood to the body in place of the heart while the heart is stopped during cardiac surgery. It is a crucial instrument whose failure or malfunction, however minimal, could be life-threatening.

img blood management and cell therapy field

Contributing to the development of the blood business and regenerative medical by utilizing the technologies and quality developed to date

We provide products that contribute to the blood business and clinical application of regenerative medical. For example, extremely rigorous quality control is required for blood bags for storing blood for blood sampling and transfusion, or containers for storing cell required for clinical application of regenerative medicine. Making use of the know-how we have developed so far, JMS will develop and improve products needed in the blood and cell business.

  • Serum Collection Sets

    This product is used to prepare autoserum from collected blood.Because the product enables serum preparation, separation, and conservation in a closed setting, it can maintain a desirable hygienic environment.

  • Blood bags

    This product is a bag for storing collected blood for transfusion in a fresh state. Our products are introduced as blood bags used in blood donation.