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Corporate Governance


Approach to Compliance

“JMS WAY” consists of “Our Spirit”, “Our Mission”, “Our Philosophy” and “Our principle”. The original “Corporate Charter” and “Principle” are divided and reorganized into these four systems. Each system is defined and clarified the way to the goal to achieve the corporate mission.

Based on these principles, we of course follow a duty to uphold the law, but we also engage in conscientious corporate activities ensuring that we behave in a manner consistent with the values and ethics required of our corporation and its employees as members of society. Through these activities, we achieve fair and appropriate corporate management and contribute to the harmony of civil society.


Promotion of Compliance

Compliance Structure
We have established a flexible and active, company-wide “Compliance Committee” managed by Board of Directors and a “Compliance Office” as its administrative secretariat.
Each of our divisions contains a designated Compliance Manager and each of our departments contains a Compliance Leader. In this way, we are building an organization that will ensure compliance takes root throughout the corporation.

Compliance Structure

Educational Activity
Ensuring that compliance takes root throughout the organization is not simply a matter of building appropriate structures, but also a question of continuing to implement educational and developmental activities. Therefore, we organize these activities throughout the company.
Activities to promote compliance include a twice yearly “Full Compliance Inspection Month” during which employees are encouraged to reflect regularly on the management and control systems governing their daily work. Other activities include compliance audits, training sessions for each section of our workforce particularly new recruits, and compliance education and development programs.

Compliance Hotline
To ensure that all employees will notice and clampdown on impropriety, we have set up internal and external hotlines that connect employees directly to the Compliance Office, allowing them to bypass the usual reporting route that goes through their supervisor.