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Corporate Message

A Value Creation Company to Bridge to Good Health Care

Since JMS was founded in 1965, we have committed the responsibility to support the medical fields in Japan and overseas by supplying our medical device products and services for nearly 60 years and JMS has been developed as a global brand.

Inheriting our spirit “For People’s Precious Life ”, our mission is to properly identify on-site issues in the medical field, create new values as the solutions for such issues, and enhance the quality of life (QOL) of patients. Also, we regard our ideal state is to maintain good profits with our appropriate and efficient management, increase corporate value and bring benefits and happiness for all stakeholders including patients, healthcare professional, business partners, employees, shareholders and community residents.

In order to reach the ideal state as quickly as possible and enhance the significance of JMS's existence, we continue to develop products and services that are unique to JMS with new value in order to solve the issues in present and individual healthcare fields.

In addition, in order for JMS Group to accomplish our mission by providing our best work to the healthcare field, we will further strengthen our global value chain and contribute to realize a sustainable society through our activities.

JMS CO.,LTD Hiroaki Okukubo, President and Representative Director