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Systematization of JMS Way’s Mission

Systematization of JMS Way’s Mission

In various scenes at work, we aim to amass energy in line with vectors for awareness and activities, taking the words in the JMS WAY to heart. We aim to become a company that pioneers medical care for the future, and to further improve the health and Quality of Life (QOL) of people around the world.

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  • Our Spirit

    For People’s Precious Life

  • Our Mission

    To be a bridge for the people who give and seek medical care, and to bring a smile to people by contributing to a healthy and better life

  • Our Philosophy

    • We pursue customer value, and contribute to improving health care and quality of life

    • We respect diversity, and grow together with the employees

    • We pay attention to the sustainability of society, and contribute to improving the

    • We enhance corporate value through good corporate activities

  • Our Principle

    • accountability & integrity

    • pride & dignity

    • passion & challenge

    • curiosity & modesty

    • flexibility & free thinking

    • kindness & recognize diversity

    • healthy body & healthy mind

    • motivation & enjoyment

    • smile & appreciation

Corporate logo

Concept incorporated into our logo

JMS is an acronym for Japan Medical Supply.
Our corporate logo represents our goal to “become more abundant and more certain,”
and encompasses the passion of JMS which aims to take a new first step.


There are three blue horizontal lines in the center of the logo. These represent Hiroshima, a city of rivers. This originates from the teachings of the “three pillars of stability*” espoused by Motonari Mori, a warrior that ruled the area during the Sengoku period.

The horizontal lines that cross the letter “M” in the center of the logo expresses a “road to seek solidarity and world expansion.”

*Motonari showed his three sons that “one arrow can easily be broken while it is difficult to break three arrows together.” This promotes the importance of unity.


The bright blue, dubbed JMS blue, is our company color and embodies our goal to become a refreshing and novel corporate group.