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Management Policy

Management Policy

(1)Basic policy of company management

Since its founding in 1965 in the spirit of “For People’s Precious Lives” , our corporate group has pursued a philosophy of “Being a bridge for the people who give and seek medical care, and to bring smiles to people by contributing to healthy and better lives”. Throughout the years, we have striven to accurately grasp the challenges faced on the medical front to create and provide value that is truly useful in solving those problems. We have made it our basic policy to conduct business in a proper and efficient manner as a stock company and increase corporate value by securing a healthy profit through contributions to the development of medical care worldwide, with the end goal of bringing benefits and happiness to all stakeholders, including the shareholders, the patients, the medical professionals, our business partners, and residents of the local community.

(2)Target business indices

We announced our new Mid-term Management plan “GAIN-RG 2023” for fiscal years 2020 to 2023 (year ending March 31, 2023).In the fiscal year ending March 2023, we shall aim to achieve consolidated sales of 64,000 million yen and an operating profit of 2,600 million yen.

>Mid-term Management Plan

(3)Mid-to long-term corporate management strategy and the company’s challenges

In regard to the business environment surrounding JMS, in Japan while the government continues the healthcare policy to restrain medical expenditures which has been increasing, demand for advanced medical devices is rising so that they can support the advancement of medical care and solve the issues of aging society. In overseas, there is a growing need for medical care and business opportunities of medical devices especially in emerging countries with economic development.

In the given environment, JMS stands to our corporate spirit “For People’s Precious Life” and with its technology development capability it aims to contribute to the development of medical care and society by “Creation and provision of value that is truly helpful for resolution of challenges in Healthcare” and “Serve as a promoter of innovations which generate new waves in the market”.

Organizational reform: shift to Business unit (“BU”) structure

In order to achieve the following business vision, each BU shall promptly develop optimal customer-centric business strategies.
・Hospital Products BU
・Surgical & Therapy BU
・Blood Management & Cell Therapy BU

Creation of next-generation business

We shall support growth of our core business by developing products that can contribute to improvement of patient’s Quality of Life and medical safety and efficiency, and also actively create next-generation business that will forge our future.

Acceleration of global expansion

We shall expand core business in global market which we expanded in Japan by cooperating with alliances, and develop new market and new products through direct marketing, aiming at over 40% of sales in global market.

Promotion of optimal production

We shall optimize production by reorganizing group production structure and managing production bases seamlessly and strategically, and establish a supply system of the competitive products for global market by strengthening supply capacity and competitiveness (in cost, quality, and function).

Strengthening kotozukuri (value creation)

While leveraging the strengths of monozukuri (manufacturing), we shall deliver new customer value by strengthening kotozukuri.