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Further safety
on drug

"We need a safer medical care setting for both healthcare professional and patients." The clinical environment keeps improved everyday with the commitment shared by many medical care workers. In the meantime, some chemicals may have harmful effects on the human body if they are handled improperly. Handling of such chemicals requires extra care. At JMS, we are working to develop products that minimize these risks and to support creation of safe medical care settings.


Minimizing risk of
drug handling incidents

  • Efforts to reduce risks
for drug administration

    The risks of needle-stick incident for healthcare professionals and infection for patients persist when needles are used for drug preparation. We have developed a product which enables to mix another drugs into administration without needles. The products is widely used at medical fields as it contributes to minimize the risks of needle-stick and infection.

  • Risks to healthcare professionals handling anticancer drugs

    In chemotherapy for cancer treatment, anticancer drugs are administered using infusion. While anticancer drugs are used to treat patients, they may also have harmful effects on the bodies of healthy people. For this reason, pharmacists who prepare anticancer drugs and healthcare professionals who administer the drugs need to receive sufficient training and be well prepared for the handling of drugs and equipment to avoid coming into contact with the drugs.

  • Safe preparation
for safe treatment

    In cancer treatment, chemotherapy with anticancer drugs is most frequently used, and it is not uncommon for healthcare professionals to prepare anticancer drugs. Therefore, in order to make the treatment settings involving the use of anticancer drugs much safer, there is a need for easy-to-use equipment that healthcare professionals can handle with safety.

JMS Idea

Development of JMS’ technologies for
safer handling of anticancer drugs

JMS has developed a structure (closed system technology) that reduces the risk of infection with high airtightness when connecting and disconnecting infusion lines. Development of this structure has paved the way for developing products which users in the actual clinical settings, including patients, nurses, and pharmacists, can handle intuitively with simple operation at a high degree of safety. It has promoted improvement in work efficiency and safety in medical care settings, by for example simplifying some of the highly specialized training that nurses have received to date, and facilitating disinfection work due to its flat shape.


  • Needleless Injection Port

    An infusion kit equipped with a “Needleless Injection Port” can be connected to an infusion line with a syringe without using a needle. The smooth shape makes solutions and/or air not to be trapped inside. Also disinfection work is easier due to the design.

  • Closed Drug Mixing and Infusion System

    This system supports the safety and efficiency of drug preparation and administration work in medical care settings. Closed system technology is used for the connection of components to make medical environment cleaner and safer.

  • Infusion Pump

    Infusion pump is used for the continuous infusion of anticancer drugs and other medications constantly and accurately. The pump equips a sensor to detect improper application which is to support the safety use of proper infusion set. The product satisfies safer and more secured infusion control than ever before.