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Evolving Business-Unit-Type Organization

Provide medical device in timely manner
by aligning development, production and sales sections.

JMS has adopted an organizational structure that uses Business Units (BUs)
in order to quickly identify on-site issues and use them to aid in the development
of new products and services. By dividing units based on assigned
fields/products rather than job types, all staff dedicated differing
job types are sharing information and working closely together to
develop and produce products according to varied needs and situations.

The BU System of JMS

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Development, production and sales sections share information among each other
and appropriately allocate resources according to the situation. This allows optimization
of strategies and systems to match the needs and trends of the medical field.

  • Characteristics
    of BU Structure

    Product development foreseeing challenges and trends in medical industry

    One of the significant advantage is that the challenges in the medical field and overseas precedent cases can be shared within the BU and seamlessly linked to the development as well as improvement and production of new products. This enables production of safer, more secure and highly functional medical devices for both domestic and international markets at an accelerated speed.

  • Characteristics
    of BU Structure

    Development of solution business with speed

    By delegating authority to Bus, decision-making speed becomes faster which results quicker development of business strategies. In addition, the aim is to resolve highly sophisticated and specialized customers’ requests by broadening the business activity base and proposing provision of products and services related to one treatment and/or medical technology as a total system.

  • Characteristics
    of BU Structure

    Creation of new business opportunities through BU cooperation

    As customer needs diversify, there are many cases where BUs can work together to propose better solutions. Also, new business opportunities may be lurking in the border zone of each business domain. New businesses will be created by linking knowledge and ideas from multiple fields without being bound by the framework of BUs.

Three BU

Hospital Products BU


In infusion field, we handle infusion sets, injection needles and syringes used for treatments and examinations providing products that prevent medical accidents and infections as a total system. In nutrition field, we develop and supply equipment and devices that can be used in each phase of nutrition therapy, from nutrition management to rehabilitation.

Infusion and Nutrition field

Surgical & Therapy BU


In the dialysis field, we are distributing the dialysis system with safety and efficiency not only in Japan but also in China. In the field of surgical therapy, we offer the products in cardiovascular such as cardiopulmonary bypass and the system of acute blood purification used in intensive care. We cultivate development and technical capabilities that can handle the wider range of diseases and treatments for the future.

Dialysis Field and
Surgical Treatment Field

Blood Management & Cell Therapy


In Transfusion field, we support safe and secured blood collection and blood transfusion by producing and developing reliable blood bags with high quality standard. In the Cell Therapy field, we have developed devices necessary for the practical application of regenerative medicine. We contribute to the progress of clinical application for regenerative medicine.

Transfusion and
Cell Therapy Field