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Before sending your message, please note:

  • An our department or affiliate will contact you or communicate with you regarding your inquiry. It may take a number of days for a response or in some cases we may not be able to provide a response, e.g. an inquiry made after hours or depending on the nature of your inquiry.
  • We do not accept purchase orders on this Inquiry Form.
  • Any E-mail response by our company is sent in response to your personal inquiry. Please refrain from using all or part of the E-mail message for any other purposes.

Submission of ideas:

  • We decline the offer of any information relating to the product, service, design, technology and business or any ideas through an E-mail or the other devices, so that we avoid any trouble regarding intellectual property rights.
  • If you send this type of information or ideas to us through an E-mail or the other devices, it is deemed that you waive your rights and agree we can use the information without any approval.
  • We do not assume any obligations of review, adoption and preservation of confidentiality, and do not hold any responsibility including compensation, in case our product, service etc. is similar or same to those ideas. And also we will not send any reply to those information and ideas.