Corporate Value


We clearly set out our business direction with keywords “medical safety”, “medical efficiency” and “improving quality of life” for pursuing the customer value. Our unique initiatives for actualizing these concepts create our corporate values.

Prevention of Infection and Medical accidents

Medical care more efficient and Improving QOL

We work toward a safer medical environment through developing our products to prevent medical accidents and infection based on our technology.

We work toward streamlined work duties of medical professionals and better patients’ QOL through our products which offer automated dialysis procedures.

Research and Development

Production and Quality Management

Our Central Research Laboratory and ME Development Department promote the development of proprietary products and technologies.

In order to deliver reliable products to the front lines of medical care, we have established an in-house system from product development to production.

Approach to Regenerative Medicine

BPS Activity

We promote challenges for highly innovative “regenerative medicine”, which is regarded as the future of medical care.

Under the principle philosophy of “human respect”, we implement activities for “eliminating all forms of waste to improve the efficiency of business management”.