Outlook for the future

The environment surrounding our corporate group overseas is expected to increase in harshness more than ever due to intensifying competition with manufacturers from many countries, even as the medical market continues to expand fueled by economic growth, chiefly in emerging nations. In Japan, demand for advanced medical care and other high-cost medical services is expanding, but conditions are expected to remain harsh due to continued efforts to restrain medical spending against the background of the rise in medical expenses accompanying growth in the elderly population and the heavier burden it will place on national finances. Amidst this environment, our corporate group will make the following changes with the aim of providing products and services that can contribute to a healthy and better life by serving as a bridge between those who need medical care and those who provide it.

(1) Developing products that can contribute to “Medical safety and efficiency” and “Improving Quality of Life”

Plastic Gloves (Examination or Treatment Use) Semisolid Nutrition Feeding Devices

Under the corporate philosophy of “Patient Comes First”, we will continue developing products for preventing infections and medical accidents to achieve “Medical Safety” and products for facilitating hospital / in-home treatment and care to contribute to “Medical Efficiency”, needed on the medical frontline. We will also actively work on developing products in future-oriented fields such as regenerative medicine.

(2) Production Streamlining


In relation to production, a new plant in the Philippines start operation overseas, while in Japan, we have expanded the Izumo Plant which is our main domestic plant. These improvements will enable us to accommodate increasing demand for medical devices both at home and overseas. At the same time, an efficient logistic structure is to be built and maintained to deliver safe and secure products to patients and healthcare workers across the world.

(3) Approach to Global Business

AV Fistula Needles, Dialysis Machines

Given the varying selection criteria in different countries and regions, we will tap into its product strengths and technological expertise to actively deliver medical equipment that suits the medical needs of individual countries.