Domestically and in regions worldwide – we developed elaborate data collection and services.

Domestically, we have strengthened planning and development ability based on collected data as well as sales ability. Overseas, we are making global development with an eye toward trends worldwide, by centralizing strategic planning functions.

Overseas Network

Active business deployment to overseas markets to make contributions to the world's medical frontline.


There are no boundaries in “Patient Comes First.” Our company has taken the lead over other companies and developed overseas production and sales bases from an early stage. At present, we support four production bases and two sales bases, and our products are provided to dozens of countries around the world, in areas such as Europe and North America, Asia, the Middle East, Central and South America, and Africa. Our products are highly regarded in each country. We aim to collect information from each region, formulate marketing strategies while observing trends in the global market, and provide each region with more precise information collection and services than ever before.

Domestic Network

Valuing feedback from the medical frontline and making attentive response.


We implement sales activities in conjunction with domestic branches and clinical facilities. We are working hard to enhance our human resources through MR training, and have also developed a system that can respond swiftly to requests for information or questions about our products. Our R&D and manufacturing divisions are developing new products in collaboration with medical institutions.