Supporting the streamlining of medical care duties and improving patients’ QOL

As more people receive medical care in the aging society, it is a major challenge to standardize and streamline the current medical practices in order to improve the quality of medical care.

To address these challenges, we offer products with automated dialysis function and pre-connected complex circuits. Using these products can save time and effort for medical professionals, allowing them to more time for patient care, thereby improving the patients’ QOL.

(Related Product) Dialysis Machines

In order to automate the manual operation in dialysis and promote standardization of procedures.

Dialysis Machines
Dialysis Machines

In addition to the aging dialysis patients, the rise in complications such as diabetes in recent years increases the burden on medical staff during dialysis treatment. Moreover, dialysis treatment requires medical professionals to carry out complicated equipment operation and manual procedures while closely monitoring the patients. Therefore, human error, especially when caring for many patients, is highly possible.
The new dialysis machine we have developed automates much of the manual operation in dialysis and promotes the standardization of procedures. This new method aims to reduce manual operation and procedures, prevent medical accidents such as air bubble mixing, and reduce contagious infection. Together these advantages can significantly improve a patient’s QOL (Quality of Life).

(Related Product) Hemodialysis Kit / Disinfection Kit /
 Angiocardio Pack

Reduce the effort and waste in preparation and sterilization as well as contribute to the prevention of infection.

Dialysis Kits
Disinfection Kits

We provide packaged products of medical disposables and hygienic supplies required for various medical procedures. These include the Dialysis kit for use at the beginning and end of each dialysis treatment, Disinfection kit that is indispensable for all types of medical procedures, and the Angiocardio Pack for use in catheter examinations. These products reduce the effort and waste involved in in-hospital preparation and sterilization as well as contributing to the prevention of infection.

(Related Product) Pre-Connected Cardiopulmonary
 Blood Tubing Sets

Reduce set-up time and errors in connections, promote infection control, and contribute to waste reduction.

Pre-Connected Cardiopulmonary Blood Tubing Sets

Conventional cardiopulmonary blood tubing sets require to be connected with various medical devices and tubes. Pre-Connected cardiopulmonary blood tubing sets are made to order and ready to use. They are useful in reducing set-up time and errors in connections, promoting infection control, and contributing to waste reduction through minimal packaging.

(Related Product) Blood Purification System

Blood purification system that previously required complex preparation.

Blood Purification System

The product is supplied to medical institutions with necessary equipments already pre-connected to the blood purification circuit (tubes) so as to prevent connection errors. Each of the pre-connected parts also comes fixed to a clear panel. At medical institutions, all they need to do is attach the panels to the blood purification device for quick and reliable preparation. The system significantly reduces the workload of all medical professionals.