Working towards a safer medical environment through our own product development process.

How to reduce medical accidents and in-hospital infections is one of our biggest challenges. For the development of new products, we identify the problems in the medical field by working with medical professionals, and review those processes. Through this process, we work to provide solutions that reduce those incidents while creating a safer environment for patients and medical professionals.

(Related product) Needleless Access Port (Closed System)

Enable standard syringes without needles to be connected with infusion sets and blood tubing sets.

Needleless Access Port (Closed system)

A needleless access port is a closed injection port that enables, without a the use of a needle, standard syringes to be connected with infusion sets and blood tubing sets. It protects medical professionals from needlestick injuries. In addition, a unique feature of our needleless access port is the ability to minimize dead space (where drug solutions and blood may accumulate and clot), which reduces the risk of contamination and greatly lowers the risk of infection for both patients and medical staff. This groundbreaking system which goes beyond the conventional concepts, was developed by repeated testing and evaluations in clinical settings and on-site visiting.

(Related Product) Oral/Enteral Nutrition System
  (Misconnection Prevention System)

Distinguishable shape and color for preventing m misconnection with infusion lines.

Oral/Enteral Nutrition System

We introduce a variety of safeguards such as different connector shape and yellow color design in the product lines which deliver nutrients into the digestive tract under “Oral/Enteral Nutrition System”. This distinguishable shape and color can prevent accidental misconnection with infusion sets. In addition, we also offer polyvinyl chloride (PVC)-free products for environmental concerns.

(Related Information) “jsip Mark”

Our own marking program to promote safety and quality.

“jsip Mark”

We have introduced the jsip (JMS Safety Infusion Products) marking, the company’s own marking program on products for the prevention of infections and medical accidents, in order to promote the products’ safety and premium quality. The blue jsip mark represents products that incorporate an infection prevention system, while the yellow jsip mark represents products that feature a connection error prevention system.