“Eliminating all forms of waste” to enhance the efficiency of business management.


The core principle of BPS activities is to improve management efficiency by eliminating waste and redundancy from within the corporation.

We have joined the NPS Research Society to discover new production frameworks for our company. While learning from other member companies, we have started activities to improve not only our production processes but also our business efficiency by coordinating timing in all stages from order processing to shipment. Our production lines are operated based on three GEN principles GEN-chi (onsite), GEN-butsu (actual item), GEN-jitsu (fact) through hands-on management. Using management tools to recognize and list up problems and wastage, we repeatedly implement improvements and standardization.

BPS incorporated in our daily operations for our mission to provide the products at appropriate quality and price, with required quantity to designated time and place as customers need.

“BPS” stands for “Best Production System”.

The NPS Research Society (http://www.nps-kenkyukai.jp/)

The NPS Research Society, based on Toyota Production Methods, is a membership society that goes beyond capital and business ties. With one company from one industry, members share knowledge and know-how to jointly research further evolutions to their production systems.

“NPS” stands for “New Production System”.