CELLAID is intended to collect human whole blood, followed by separation of serum components derived from the blood. This device is intended for single use only.


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Model No. Description Detail
OJM2235000 Adaptor type Male luer adaptor (can be connected with a female adaptor of blood collection line complying with ISO 594-1/2)
OJM2235001 Needle type 17 Gauge Blood donor needle
Usable volume range 70-220mL of whole-blood
The amount that can be collected as serum is approx. 40% of the volume.
Sterilization Moist-heat sterilization, non-pyrogenic
Shelf Life 3 years
Regulatory Status CE marked

Patent information

Japan Pat.No. 3788479
China Pat.No. ZL200480013939.6

Patents pending in the U.S., E.U., Korea and Canada.

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